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Spay and Neuter

Spaying and neutering your pets does not only help prevent unwanted litters of puppies and kittens, it also benefits your pet throughout their life! At Lincoln Heights, we strive to bring you and your pet the smoothest and most pain free surgical experience. Your pet will be continuously monitored by our trained technical staff while under anesthesia and we have the option for all incisions to be made with our state of the art surgical carbon dioxide laser, which decreases blood loss and pain during and after surgery!

More information on spaying and neutering your pets can be found here (click either dog or cat):

Orthopedic Procedures

Just like people, our furry friends can have accidents and injuries that require surgery. Whether it be a torn ACL (called the CCL in dogs), a fractured bone, or any number of orthopedic problems, your veterinarians at Lincoln Heights Animal Hospital have you covered.                     If the extent of your pet's injury ever exceeds the current training of our doctors, we partner with a group of mobile, board certified surgeons at Texas Specialty Veterinary Services and also can provide referrals to both BluePearl Speciality and Mission Veterinary Specialists. 


Soft Tissue

While we try to keep your pet's healthy as can be and managed medically, sometimes surgery is needed to get your pet back on track! All of our vet's are trained in numerous soft tissue procedures to help keep your friend feeling their best. While not exhaustive, some of the surgeries we offer are:

  • Mass/Tumor removals

  • Splenectomy (removing the spleen)

  • Cystotomy (entering the urinary bladder to remove stones)

  • Epesioplasty (resculpting the vulva to prevent UTI)

  • Foreign body removal (Gastrotomy or Enterotomy)

  • And many more!

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